Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Magic Wands

With vocals reminiscent of Roxette and elements of Concrete Blonde and Mazzy Star, The Magic Wands are a blend of the best of the 80s with an Emo/Goth overlay, a style most prominent in their song Kiss Me Dead.

The unforgettable Black Magic has a catchy and infectious beat with a refrain that you will find knocking around your brain from the moment you hear it.

Just as appealing is the story of band members Chris and Dexy's first meeting to their ultimate decision that they belonged together. After having communicated over the internet and phone, talking about music and magic and sending each other gifts full of special meaning to each, they decided to forge their talents to make a new music.

When they arrived in Nashville they began recording under the name Magic Wands, taken from one of Dexy's favorite things that Chris sent her—a magic wand.

The Magic Wands take their mixture of 80's style pop with a tinge of 90's club goth into a fresh direction. The lyrics are flowing but simple; if anything were to leave you wanting it would be this, but the pure joy of the music and the vocals overcomes this easily. You can't help but fall for the story in Teenage Love Song and find yourself listening to it again and again.

To hear more of The Magic Wands and get info on concert dates and tours, see their MySpace page.

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